The Power of Color


The overwhelming response to Sally Fretwell’s book, “The Power of Color”, which became the inspiration for this website, “Power of Color”.   This site is designed  to give you some flavor for the book “The Power of Color” and perhaps enable yo to see the value of the color in nature.

Thank you for stopping in to view just some of the pictures and content found my book “The Power of Color“.  The impetus for this book was the over whelming requests from my clients for more natural color paints both in and outside their homes.  Over 25 years of color consulting, developing NOVOC paints, owning my own paint lines and stores, has prompted me to help write several books on this subject. More

Lets get started and look at some of my most popular paint colors and just where they came from.  In some cases you may see a small square with the paint color from that picture.  Have fun..

Sally Fretwell has been consulting both nationally and internationally for over 20 years and can be found at the contacts page above, or you can go to Sallyfretwell.com and learn all about Sally’s Color history.


Natural Colors

The Parrot

If you take a moment, please notice that many of the pictures on this website will have small paint chips associated with them.  In the Parrot below we have 4 major paint colors all taken from this one image.  Parrot Sun, Parrot Blue, Crown Royale, and Parrot Teal have all been huge sellers in my paint stores in the Virginia and DC areas.   They bring lots of color and light into family rooms and kitchens.  All these colors from nature, and don’t forget the type of finish and paint will make all of the difference in how the color will look when the job is done.  Not all paints, no matter how good they are, can produce the same finish.  Sally Fretwell was one of the very first to design NOVOC paints and NOVOC paint colors for people with allergies.  Sally Fretwell’s book, “Growing Green” followed her book “Power of Color” which also promotes bringing natural colors into your life.

Natural Colors

Some Tulip Colors

You will find many colors in our selections that I have taken from all sorts of tulips.  Tulips provide many vibrant colors found in nature.  The 4 colors found below all come from just one tulip.  Of course it took many days of color matching and mixing to obtain these colors and then fabricate them into just the right blends to be used in all of the homes an offices I consult with.  Once again, remember that the finish and particularly the bases are the most important parts of paint.  It is not just the color as one can take the same color in 4 different paint lines or manufacturers and they will look entirely different when applied to a room.  Sally Fretwell was one of the very first to design NOVOC paints and NOVOC paint colors for people with allergies. Sally Fretwell’s book, Growing Green followed her book “Power of Color” which also promotes bringing natural colors into your life.

Visit Sally at Sallyfretwell.com  and see all of the paint colors she has developed.


Work With a Professional


Sally Fretwell’s book, “Growing Green is another excellent book on colors that demonstrates the same natural colors found in nature with rich architecture. When you have looked at the images here, you may wish to go to the “Growing Green” book site to see  even more colors.  Sally’s great strength is her ability to match colors and more importantly, develop colors based upon her clients wishes.  Many of these colors are born out of just such client interactions.  Contact Sally for more information.

Growing Green



Please enjoy some of the actual pictures from my book, The power of Color.  here you will see just a few of the many pictures and paint colors I have developed over the years for my clients, my own paint stores and paint line as well as “Pittsburgh Paints”.

We create natural colors for the World


By finding the very colors in nature, Sally has developed over 300 different paint colors in various shades and hues to make the colors warm, comfortable and inviting.  Sally Fretwell consults on color and space all over the world.  Many times it is not so much the color but the type of finish and the particulates used to make the paint.  Ever wonder why the paint chips don’t look like the paint you just bought?  Or worse even though you matched one paint using a photo synthesizer at the paint store to another it looks horribly different when you put it on the wall or trim.  Commercial, residential, hospitals, clinics, offices, restaurants, and a few celebrities are all part of her world.  Too see a much larger repertoire of her paint colors, go to “Colors” at Sallyfretwell .com.  Take a look at some of her other books.

Sally’s Colors

Sally can help you with any project